“Excellent Job, Cyndi”

As promised, here is the link to last week’s appearance on FOX 5′s Good Day Atlanta (thanks, REGR!):

Nathan Beaver Releases ‘Universal You’



NOTE: While I was tuning up in the green room, Cyndi Lauper (who had been on a few minutes earlier) walked by with her entourage. She paused just long enough to offer me a very sweet smile and a “hello.” As she walked away, and before I could think, I said “excellent job” — as if she really needed some no-name a-hole telling her she performed well. I’m not real smart most of the time.


5 thoughts on ““Excellent Job, Cyndi”

  1. that’s hilarious. last time jcl was there we had paul stanley walk in and watch us play. personally i’d rather meet ms. she-bop.

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