Show Notes: Friday Night at Blue Bar

Hi friends.

Just wanted to thank all of you who made it out to Blue Bar Friday night to see Leigh, Dan, and me perform. Thanks to y’all, it was a GREAT crowd and the best show I’ve had in some time.

Thanks to Missy and crew (as always) for showing up rowdy and rip-roaring (as always), and to my Taco faithful (Ian, Taylor, David, Trevor, Cory, Sarah, Malak, Rachel, Ann, Molly, and Annesa) for the there’s-no-reason-we-can’t-hang-out-outside-of-work attitude.

Special thanks to Dad and Janice for driving all the way from Newport News, Virginia, to see the show AND bring me firewood, Leigh Houison for playing a kick-ass opening set and bringing a crew of his own, Dan Fernandez for the wonderful accompaniment, and to Walgreen’s pharmacy for helping me power through the evening.

Finally, a very special thanks to Chuck to hooking us up with the show, the sound, and the laser light show extravaganza.

Until next time,


Oh, and thanks to Jess for the pics.

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