Nicole’s Kidman

I dreamed that I was at an evening Black Crowes concert held by a lake in the clearing of a huge forest. I was standing in the very last row, a few feet from the lake’s edge.

The band had just started its final song (“Sting Me,” I believe) when I heard what I thought was a woman’s scream–very faint at first, then increasingly louder. To investigate the screams, which were coming from behind, I turned around and peered across the lake until my eyes adjusted to the dimness of twilight.

Seconds later, a hysterical Nicole Kidman emerged from the woods in a full sprint towards the water, her dress soaked with blood from the mid-section down. A maniacal newborn baby soon followed, running after her with a butcher knife held high over its head. The umbilical cord was still attached.

(Like this, but bloody and terrified)

(Like this, but bloody and terrified)

That’s right, the infant Nicole Kidman had given birth to minutes before was now chasing her down in an attempt murder her.

What does this mean?


2 thoughts on “Nicole’s Kidman

  1. Your subconscious is working out your simple, and all too common, anger toward and sexual desire for your own very attractive mother, mixed with your understandable envy of country music superstar, Australian heart-throb, and hair model, Keith Urban, who happens to share Ms. Kidman’s bed. OR you are just watching too much Entertainment Tonight.

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