From My Old Friend, Jana

From my old friend, Jana:

Nathan Kyle! I had a dream last night that you got in a motorcycle accident right in front of my very eyes. 

I was outside, like working on a movie set or something. And it was raining. And then someone said, ‘oh look at this guy’ and we looked to see a guy on a motorcycle in red and black leather coming in hot. Then the motorcycle lost control, fell over and slid up to where we were (not in a cool way like, ‘nice entrance’ but in a scary way.) Everyone ran over and the driver took the helmet off and it was you! I yelled, “Oh my god NATHAN!” and ran over to you (it was all very dramatic.) You weren’t all that hurt but really shaken up.

Then, we went and had Chinese… at the Chinese restaurant, you just couldn’t shake the accident and the waitress was annoyed about that for some reason. She was like, ‘you eat NOW.’ And you would just sit there with your head leaning against one hand. Then I rustled your hair like a little boy. 

There are many implausible details in this dream but maybe you should stay away from motorcycles, and perhaphs Asian food, for a bit. OK?

What does this mean?


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