Three Hump-Day Thoughts

1) Last night I met with Gilda Sue Rosenstern and Enzo to rehearse Gilda’s final number for Friday night’s show at the Red Light Cafe, marking my first ever collaboration with an accordion. They say you always remember your first time…

2) Tomorrow, I’m back in the studio to lay down acoustic guitar for “The Common Life” and “Ask Anyone,” the record’s two remaining acoustic tracks. This will clear the path for Kevin Leahy (drums), Clay Cook (electric lead), Matthew Kahler (percussion), Mark Van Allen (“Mark Van Halen,” pedal steel), Ryan Rockitt (acoustic lead), and others to parade through Will’s basement next week to contribute in their own unique ways. Next week promises to be special, and rest assured you’ll be hearing a lot about it from me.

3) Hank feels much better, thanks for asking.




3 thoughts on “Three Hump-Day Thoughts

  1. Awe. Love Hank’s haircut. Miss Little has an appointment soon. Until then, she looks like his before picture.

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