Performing LIVE on Saturday at Virginia-Highland SUMMERFEST (12 noon)

Hi friends.

The hits just keep on coming… This Saturday, I’ll be joined onstage by John Tuggle (lead guitar), Kevin Leahy (drums), and Will Robertson (bass) to kickoff the music lineup for Virginia-Highland Summerfest 2011!

(More like “Sweatfest,” as the forecast calls for temps in the low nineties with 20 percent humidity…)


Anyway, it’s gonna be good, clean, hot fun that you won’t want to miss.  The show starts at NOON at the 92.9 DaveFM music stage (corner of Virginia Ave. and Greencove).

Hope to see you there, and thanks RED EYE GRAVY for the hookup!


Today’s words of advice: remember to turn the Safe Search ON when searching “sweaty guy” in Google Images. Yeesh.

The rest of the music lineup for Saturday :

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Lera Lynn
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm Grahams Number
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm The Whisky Gentry
6:30 pm – 8:00 pm Ed Roland & The Sweet Tea

Friday, 5/6 at Smith’s Olde Bar (500 Songs For Kids); Saturday, 5/7 in downtown Decatur (Green Fest)

Hi, friends.

I’m looking forward to enjoying this weekend off, but please mark your calendars for NEXT weekend’s events:

Friday, May 6 (Smith’s Olde Bar) – Once again, I’m playing as part of the annual 500 Songs For Kids benefit show(s). This year they’re counting down the “500 Greatest Feel Good Songs of All Time.” I’ve been assigned “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure and I’m told I’ll go on at around 10:30 p.m.


If you’ve never been to a 500 Songs For Kids event, you’re missing out. Imagine ten nights of the best karaoke ever, featuring every kind of band you could ever think of, at one of the best venues around (all for a GREAT cause), and that’s what you have. For more information on this fantastic event, go HERE… and if you can’t make it out on 5/7, do yourself a favor by getting to Smith’s on one of the other event nights.

Saturday, May 7 (downtown Decatur) – I’ve been invited to play full-band at 6 p.m. in the beautiful Decatur square as part as Green Fest 2011. Guitarist John Tuggle, bassist Will Robertson, and drummer Kevin Leahy will join me on stage. Go HERE for more event details.

Thanks to all of my Atlanta-area fans, friends, and family for their continued support! Looking forward to seeing y’all next weekend.

What do you bet I can get through a weekend of shows without saying something stupid?


Show Notes: Last Night at The Earl

Thanks to all who made it out last night — on a school night AND on the Christian Sabbath, no less — to The Earl for the “Everybody’s Out Tonight” EP release show. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.


Thanks to Kevin Leahy, Will Robertson, John Tuggle, Kelly O’Neal, and Ryan Rockitt for their time and musicianship.

Special thanks to my new favorite sound man, Peregrine (yes, “like the falcon”), for making us sound great.

Very special thanks to the folks at Red Eye Gravy Records for putting the show together and seeing that all of my needs were met. You guys truly are the best.

Some more pics from last night:





For those who missed the show: stay tuned to for info on how to buy the EP online.


Thanks to Jess, Scottie, and Chelsea for the pics.

“Everybody’s Out Tonight”: Release Show Details

Hope you’re planning to be there for the March 27 “Everybody’s Out Tonight” EP release show at The EARL in East Atlanta!

Here’s how the night has shaped up:

7pm: Violet Lane (Athens, GA)
7:30pm: JK and the Lost Boys (Atlanta, GA)
8:30pm: Nathan Beaver

I’ll be joined by guitarist John Tuggle (of UY release show and Fox5 fame), drummer Kevin Leahy (of “Clever” fame), singer Kelly O’Neal, and the incomparable Will Robertson (of countless fames) on bass.

Looking forward to the party,


Oh, and get there early, for dinner. The EARL has great food.


The EP, Day One: Cameras and Inside Jokes

Things I learned yesterday on Day One in Will’s studio:

1) Will and I are much better at audio than we are at video, though Will’s much better at video than I am. My good friends at REGR were here to conduct on-camera interviews that they’ll use as part of a three-minute UY promotional video. The plan is to include this bonus video on the EP we’re releasing early next year.


2) Every song has a proper arrangement, and Will will find it every time. Before lunch we spent an hour and a half mapping out “Everybody’s Out Tonight” and “Down to Me,” the two new songs we’re tracking for the EP. We changed a bridge into a pre-chorus, a pre-chorus to a post-chorus (I didn’t know this existed, either), and made other adjustments that seemed to make the most sense for each song.

3) Chik Fil-A is effing delicious. This is not something I “learned” as much as it was something I was reminded of.

Today, the great Kevin Leahy is here to track drums (remember him?). Will just looked over his shoulder and said to him ”I had a high-pass filter on the kick drum at 200 Hertz!” They both laughed. I don’t get it.

Further bulletins as events warrant.


Universal You, Track Sample #5: Clever


Here’s a clip from “Clever,” a song not on our original docket but one we just HAD to track:


This track features Will on bass, Kevin Leahy on drums, Clay Cook on electric guitar, Jill McCallister on backing vocals, yours truly on acoustic guitar and vocals, and Mark “Van Halen” Van Allen (pictured) on pedal steel.

I couldn’t be happier with how this one came together.

Thanks for listening!


More Universal You excerpts:

Mason Jar
Sunday Morning

Studio 8/10: Thai Food and Movie Stars

Any doubts I had about deciding to tack on a 15th song were quickly put to bed this morning after witnessing Kevin Leahy‘s performance on “Clever.” Seriously, I couldn’t have asked for anything better, from his opening tom roll to his closing ride-sizzle decrescendo.

Thanks to Kevin’s superb drumming, “Clever” is my new favorite track on the record and “Heavy Hearts” is off the bubble.

Thank you so much, Kevin. You’re worth far more than I could afford to pay you.

And because he and Will worked so efficiently — they were through tracking by lunchtime — I had time to track acoustic guitar for “Ask Anyone” before Will changed back into his SuperDad costume (as he does daily at 5 p.m.).

Not bad for a day’s work, even if someone else did most of it.

Good night.


Wait, I just noticed something… doesn’t Kevin resemble a slimmer, long-haired Philip Seymour Hoffman?

Three Hump-Day Thoughts

1) Last night I met with Gilda Sue Rosenstern and Enzo to rehearse Gilda’s final number for Friday night’s show at the Red Light Cafe, marking my first ever collaboration with an accordion. They say you always remember your first time…

2) Tomorrow, I’m back in the studio to lay down acoustic guitar for “The Common Life” and “Ask Anyone,” the record’s two remaining acoustic tracks. This will clear the path for Kevin Leahy (drums), Clay Cook (electric lead), Matthew Kahler (percussion), Mark Van Allen (“Mark Van Halen,” pedal steel), Ryan Rockitt (acoustic lead), and others to parade through Will’s basement next week to contribute in their own unique ways. Next week promises to be special, and rest assured you’ll be hearing a lot about it from me.

3) Hank feels much better, thanks for asking.




Studio 7/30: Nitty Gritty

After a quiet six weeks, Will and I got back to business in the studio Thursday night.

It wasn’t a marathon session; I laid down what Will believes to be a keeper vocal for “Piecing Together the World,” and we pulled together a scratch guitar/vocal for “Clever.” The scratch track will help drummer Kevin Leahy–who performed on Shawn Mullins’s Grammy-nominated ”Lullaby (Rock-A-Bye)”–learn the song before coming in to drum for it early next month.

NOTE: Yeah, Will and I negotiated a reasonable price for adding “Clever” (a fifteenth song!) to the project. It’s kind of the studio equivalent of ordering the $5.99 All-Star Breakfast at Waffle House and adding grits for just a few cents more.

Oh studio, how I’ve missed you! Driving there with the windows down, “warming-up,” Amy rewarding Levi with a marshmallow for hitting the toilet, Levi rewarding me with a marshmallow for doing the same, the garage, the Amstel Lights, the microphones, the couch, the magazines, the guitars, the basses, the knobs, the faders, the mouses, the monitors, the speakers, the ukulele, the piano, the lava lamp, Will’s nine o’clock shadow, the head phones, the click tracks, the dimmer, the reverb (just enough), the laughing, the breath catching, the swearing, the half-time speeches, the do-overs, the late snares, the mixes, the playbacks, the mute button, the pacing, the disrobing, Will’s falsetto, Microsoft Excel, the check marks, the printer (the weak link), turning cell phones off, the beer snobbery, the fingernail clippers, humoring myself, the shock value, the good nights, the bad nights, the compression, the decompression, working late, and even the cats… and I hate cats.

Further bulletins as events warrant!