Show Notes: Last Night at The Earl

Thanks to all who made it out last night — on a school night AND on the Christian Sabbath, no less — to The Earl for the “Everybody’s Out Tonight” EP release show.┬áHope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.


Thanks to Kevin Leahy, Will Robertson, John Tuggle, Kelly O’Neal, and Ryan Rockitt for their time and musicianship.

Special thanks to my new favorite sound man, Peregrine (yes, “like the falcon”), for making us sound great.

Very special thanks to the folks at Red Eye Gravy Records for putting the show together and seeing that all of my needs were met. You guys truly are the best.

Some more pics from last night:





For those who missed the show: stay tuned to for info on how to buy the EP online.


Thanks to Jess, Scottie, and Chelsea for the pics.

I’m So Excited About Tonight I Could Pee My Pants


Some reasons for my excitement, in no particular order:

1. This is my first show at The Earl, and they say you always remember your first time.

2. I get to hand out new, slick looking EPs which include two NEW songs (if you’ll recall, Universal You was a five year project, so all of its songs felt “old” by the time the album was finished). Additionally, the “Everybody’s Out Tonight” EP just looks damn fantastic, thanks to Scott Sanders of REGR.

3. I’m playing with a backing band, which is something I rarely get to do… this time around I’ll be joined by Kevin Leahy (a real pro who has played on my records but until now has been too busy touring to perform live with me), John Tuggle (a guitar virtuoso whom I’ve known since my days as a budding musician in Athens, GA), Kelly O’Neal (an old friend with big, big pipes), and Will Robertson (the mastermind behind “Everybody’s Out Tonight” and Universal You).* Last summer, Will was unable to join me for the UY release show — so glad I could lock him down for tonight.

4. ‘ve got a bit of facial hair. Nothin’ really to write home about yet, but I’m excited about its potential (very “alt-country”).

5. My good friend Mr. Silon and his lady friend Chelsea have driven down from Nashville to see the show.

6. I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my “new” guitar, even though I’ve had her for well over a year. Love, love, LOVE strapping her on and performing (no jokes, please).


7. ‘ll get to meet the guys and gals of Violet Lane and JK and the Lost Boys (I’m hoping we’ll all be friends).

8. We’re opening the second set with a cover, and NOT one of the five or six that I’ve been known to go to throughout the years (I hinted at this awhile back, but it looks like it’s really gonna happen tonight).

9. I’ll get to hang out with my good friends Richard, Mike, Scott, Tali, Anna, Ryan, John, and Matt of REGR, without whom this EP and release show would not be possible.

10. Though I don’t expect to pack the 300-capacity room, I’ll get to perform in front of some real fans who do everything in their power to make me feel welcome and appreciated as an artist AND who are as excited about this EP release as I am. I imagine that some performers never get to experience this feeling, and I do NOT take it for granted. Can’t wait to see y’all!

See you tonight. Doors open at 6:30, I should hit the stage at around 8:30. Arrive early, let’s drink a beer together and catch up.


11. Oh, and The Earl has great food. You should definitely arrive in time to catch dinner.

*Not sure if this sentence’s use of “whom” vs. “who” is grammatical.

EP Release Show Tomorrow Night!

The EPs showed up late yesterday, just in time for tomorrow night’s EP release show at The Earl.


And thank God they did…What’s an EP release show without and EP? Nothing, that’s what.

See you tomorrow night,


Special thanks to Tali of REGR for dealing with three weeks of production headaches, and to Scott Sanders for the beautiful design work.

Tickets Now Available Online for Sunday Night’s EP Release Show

Not the most clever post title I’ve ever come up with, but sometimes less is more…

Go HERE to purchase your online tickets for Sunday night’s “Everybody’s Out Tonight” release show. This way, after getting lost on your way to The Earl, you won’t have to worry about standing in line.

Ain’t technology grand?



“Everybody’s Out Tonight”: Release Show Details

Hope you’re planning to be there for the March 27 “Everybody’s Out Tonight” EP release show at The EARL in East Atlanta!

Here’s how the night has shaped up:

7pm: Violet Lane (Athens, GA)
7:30pm: JK and the Lost Boys (Atlanta, GA)
8:30pm: Nathan Beaver

I’ll be joined by guitarist John Tuggle (of UY release show and Fox5 fame), drummer Kevin Leahy (of “Clever” fame), singer Kelly O’Neal, and the incomparable Will Robertson (of countless fames) on bass.

Looking forward to the party,


Oh, and get there early, for dinner. The EARL has great food.


“Everybody’s Out Tonight” EP Release Show: Sunday, March 27 at The EARL

The check has cleared, so it’s now official: the “Everybody’s Out Tonight” EP release show will be held Sunday, March 27 at East Atanta’s The EARL!

Show times, ticket prices, opening acts, special guests, promotions, etc., to be announced in the coming weeks.

Please mark your calendars! It’s gonna be a helluva party.

Thanks, REGR.









Wait, that’s MY shirt..